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sudo apt-get install libsdl-dev libftgl-dev [libfreetype6-dev] libjpeg-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev libpcre3-dev libglew-dev
tar xvzf gource-0.31.tar.gz
cd gource-0.31
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
# make install

Creating visualization from SVN repository

sudo apt-get install subversion ffmpeg
svn co svn://server/somerepo
cd somerepo/trunk

Create a PPM-stream

  * -o: output ppm-stream into file first
  * -r: framerate = 25 FPS
  * -s: seconds per day = 1/4
  * --stop-at-end: stop at end of log
  * --colour-images: color user images
  * --title: "Fancy project"
  * --highlight-users: always display user-names
  * (-f -1280x720: fullscreen and 720p)
gource -o ppm-stream.out -r 25 -s 0.25 --stop-at-end --colour-images --title "Fancy project" --highlight-users

Create video (x264)

ffmpeg -y -b 3000K -r 25 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i ppm-stream.out -vcodec libx264 -vpre slow -threads 0 gource.mp4

Create video (WebM)

 ffmpeg -y -r 25 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i ppm-stream.out -vcodec libvpx -b 10000K gource.webm
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