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Misc stuff


Use ddms from Android SDK and select DeviceScreen capture


Remote control / Screencast

:!: very low framerate


  • USB Debugging enabled


Download Java Web Start app

Launch (connect to emulator or physical device):

$ javaws androidscreencast.jnlp

Cause / Workaround for mouse-/keyboard-input issue

also see p990


Here is an updated more literal set of steps as requested by sudermatt

1.  Start an emulator and get ScreenCast app running against it (DO NOT HAVE YOUR PHONE CONNECTED YET)
2.  adb pull /data/dalvik-cache/data@local@tmp@InjectAgent.jar@classes.dex /TEMPclasses.dex
  This copies a file from the emulator to local file on my pc
3.  Take emulator down
4.  Connect my rooted droid
5.  adb push /TEMPclasses.dex /data/local/data@local@tmp@InjectAgent.jar@classes.dex  
  This copies from from local pc to a temporary location on the phone
6.  adb shell
7.  su
8.  mv /data/local/data@local@tmp@InjectAgent.jar@classes.dex /data/dalvik-cache/data@local@tmp@InjectAgent.jar@classes.dex
  This moves file from the temporary location on the phone, to the permanent location it needs to be for dalvik-cache to use it.

:!: Unlocking the phone still doesn't work. After manually unlocking the phone the mouse- and keyboard-input works fine.

Backup partitions

for i in /dev/block/mmcblk0p*; do echo $i; dd if=${i} of=${i##*/}; done



View Android log.

With adb:

$ adb logcat

From within the device:

# logcat
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