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Android applications

This is a selection of Android apps I'm used to using.

Application Category What is it? What does it do? Model Additional information
Dolphin Browser HD Web Powerful webbrowser. Free Feature overview
ConnectBot Administration SSH client.
Can also replace the need for a terminal emulator (local terminal).
Open Documentation
Google code project
SSHDroid Administration SSH daemon. Free/Ads Can be run as root.
Android Terminal Emulator Administration Simple terminal emulator. Open GitHub repository
CyanogenMod has a modified version pre-installed.
Superuser System Grants and manages root privileges for applications. Open Requires rooted phone!
GitHub repository
See also SuperOneClick package.
MarketEnabler System Allows installing applications which aren't meant to be installed for users in certain countries due to legal restrictions. For instance this app can be used to install the Google Mail app in Germany. Open/Ads Requires rooted phone!
Changes/fakes the SIM issuer code in the running system (non-permanent).
Google code project
Wifi Analyzer Analyzer Wi-Fi analyzer showing signal strength, channel utilization and general wireless information Free/Ads
GPS Status & Toolbox Analyzer Displays GPS and sensor data: position and signal strength of satellites, accuracy, speed, acceleration, bearing.
Can be used as a compass, too.
Torch Misc Plain flashlight app. Toggles LCD and LED/Flash. Open Google code project
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