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kbase - Dominik's Knowledge Base

This wiki is my personal technical “knowledge base” which is mainly intended for looking up stuff I already have encountered before. Most of the wiki entries are just stubs containing very few or even no instructions but hints and code snippets.

Be aware that all information are without any warranty. The content is licensed under the CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license unless otherwise noted.


Articles / Documents

Applications / Scripts

Some programs of mine, all open source:

  • jTimeSched - A simple and lightweight time tracking tool for tasks and projects
  • HoldingNuts - Open source multi-platform poker client and server
  • jMailBackup - A minimalistic backup tool for IMAP mailboxes

Small but useful bash/tcl/php scripts:

  • (bash) backup_system - A script for creating incremental backups using rsync
  • (bash) build_php - Fetch, configure and build PHP as an Apache2 module
  • (php) WebConsole - PHP poor man's shell
  • (bash) - Modular backup script aimed at website backups

View source code repositories online at

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